How to Create a New Group in Windows Server 2012


In my previous article, I told you about How to Create Domain in Windows Server 2012. Today's article continues with that and explains how to create a new group in Windows Server 2012.
Step 1
First of all, you should create a domain as I explained in my previous article for creating the new group. Now on your Desktop, an icon will be created.
Double-click the icon to open the Active Directory Users and Computers.
Step 2
If you expand your domain then you will see that it contains many things in it, like Users, Computers, Bulletins, etc. that will show you previously created Users, Groups, etc.
Now right-click on your domain ( to add a new group.
Step 3
Now you must provide a few more items of information to create a new group like Group Name, Group Scope, Group Type, etc. and then click the "Ok" Button.
Now your domain will show your newly created group.
Step 4
You can make changes to this group. For that double-click on this group. On the first page will be the group name that you can change. You can add an E-Mail Address or some type of description about the group on this page.
The next page is for the members in which you can add new members to this group. You can add the user either by entering the user's name if you remember the name or you can do an Advanced Search to find the user and then add it.
Step 5
The next page is named "Member of" from which you can make this group a member of any other group. Here you also can either directly enter the name of the group or you can search the names using the Advanced Search option.
The last page is for the user that will manage this group. You can provide the name and information of the person who will be responsible for managing this group.


In this article, you have learnt how to create a new group in Windows server 2012.
I hope, this article helps you. 

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