How to Create a New Shared Folder in Namespace of DFS


In my previous article you learned How to add a New Namespace to DFS.

In this article you will learn how to create a new Shared Folder in a namespace of DFS.

Step 1

We previously created a namespace and this article will continue from there.

First of all open the DFS Manager Wizard, here on the left hand side under the Namespaces you will get the namespace you added previously.

new shared folder 1.jpg

Now right-click on the namespace name and choose to "Add New Folder".

new shared folder 2.jpg

Step 2

Now a New Folder Wizard will be opened, here first provide the name for this folder and then under the Folder Targets click on the "Add" Button.

new shared folder 3.jpg

Now to add a folder target you need to provide the path for this Folder Target, for this click on the "Browse" button.

new shared folder 4.jpg

Step 3

Now the "Browse for Shared Folder" page will be opened, here the Server Name and Shared Folder name will be available, if you want to add a new Shared Folder then click on "New Shared Folders".

new shared folder 5.jpg

Provide name and path for this Shared Folder, you can also provide access permission according to your will.

new shared folder 6.jpg

Step 4

On clicking the "Ok" button you will see that a new Shared Folder is added under the Shared Folders in the Browse For Shared Folders Page.

new shared folder 7.jpg

Click on the "Ok" button.

Now you will see that the path to this Target Folder is also shown under the Add Folder Target Page.

new shared folder 8.jpg

Finally click on the "Ok" button to add this Shared Folder.

new shared folder 9.jpg

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