How to Disable Sharing Mode From the System


In this article you will learn how to disable Sharing Mode from the system.

Through this article you will learn how to stop the system from sharing any file or any printer.

If you want that nobody should see or access your files or folders then simply don't share them with anyone but if you want that the sharing option should be disabled so that nobody can allow sharing in your absence then you should use this procedure.

Step 1

First you can see that when I right-click a folder then it shows me an option for sharing it any specific person or with nobody.


I don't share it with anyone but I think that someone might share it in my absence. In that cases this option's removal is very necessary. So for removal of this option right-click on "Internet Options" and click on the "Open Network and Sharing Center".


Step 2

Now the Control Panel Window will be opened; here on the right hand side you will find an option named "Change Adapter Settings". Click on this option.


Now your Network Connection will be shown. Right-click on this and open it's properties.


Step 3

In the Property Window uncheck the "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".


Now click on the "Uninstall" Button present at the bottom.


Clicking the Uninstall button will ask you for permission to remove all the features associated. Click on Yes.


Step 4

Now you will see that the Feature is removed from the list.


Now refresh your system and again click on the folder on which you had previously clicked. Now you will see that the option for Sharing is no more available.


Step 5

Now you will be wondering that we had uninstalled the feature but what would happen if in the near future we want to share something with someone. Not to worry about that because now I will show you how to again enable this feature so that everything returns to normal.

For installing this feature again go to the Network and Sharing Center and go to the Local Area Connection Properties. In the Property window an option for Install is available; click on this button.


In the Network Feature select the Service and click on "Add" button.


Step 6

Now you will find that only one option is available in the Network Services, "File and Printer Sharing". Select this feature and click on the "OK" button.


Refresh your system and now your system will be ready to again share the files.


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