Using DNS Server to Add New Zone and New Host in Windows Server 2012:Part 2


This article follows my previous article in which you learned How to use DNS Server to Add New Host and New Zones in Windows Server 2012. In this article you will learn what changes are required for your browser so that it can support the New Zones and New Host made in Forward and Backward Lookup Zones.

Step 1

First, open your browser and open the site whose name you gave in New Zone in Forward Lookup Zone.


For now the public website will open but I want to open the local website.

Step 2

Open LAN (Network and Sharing Center) and click on "Ethernet".


It will show the Ethernet Status, click on the "Properties" button to proceed.


Step 3

As in the Backward Lookup Zone you selected the IPV4, so here also you must select the IPV4 (TCP/IPV4).


After selecting the IPV4(TCP/IPV4) click on it's "Properties" button.

Step 4

In the properties you must provide the DNS Server address; for that you must click on the "Advanced" button.


Type the DNS Server and click "ADD" to add it. After that click "Ok".


Now close your browser and open it again. Then type the name of the website that you provided in the New Zone of Forward Lookup Zone. Now your browser should open the local website instead of the public website.

Step 5

If, even after this, your browser is not opening the local website then you must delete all History, The Cache, Cookies etc. of your browser. For that open your browser settings and click on the "Delete" button.


Then select all the available options and again click on "Delete".


Now again open your browser and type the URL of the website. Now you will see that it's opening the local website i.e. the IIS8 Page. (I have already told you about How To Install and Configure the IIS8.)