Customized Device Setting In Windows 10

In this article we will learn how to customize the devices setting using Windows 10 Operating System.

In Windows 10 operating system sometimes a user may want to change the Device Settings according to system requirement or his/her own because some applications and devices do not support or match the operating system. So Device Setting is used to run those applications which are not supporting the default settings of devices. In the Device Settings options we can also Install, Update and Uninstall the devices drivers manually. To understand the Device Settings we just follow some rules and basic steps.

Open Setting Home

In this article first step is how to open the Settings Home in Windows 10. There are two ways to open Settings Option, First by pressing Windows key/By click on start menu, Secondly Clicking on Notifications icon. just follows this screen shot steps.

Step 1:


Step 2: Click on Notification icon at bottom right side corner of Windows Desktop Screen.


Select All settings tab option.

All setting

After doing above steps we can see main SETTINGS home window with multiple options.

Home Setting Page

click on Devices option.

device setting

If you want to add printer and scanner then Click on Add a printer or scanner option marked as Red color circle.

Device Home page

Whenever devices not found click on Refresh Button.

Add Printer

To look at all connected devices, just click on Devices and Printers marked as Red circle Option. Here's the screenshot.

change device

Connected devices screenshot.

Devices and Printer

If you want to manage the system devices then click on Device Manager option marked as Yellow color.

device Manager

manager device

To show new devices click on Connected devices marked as Maroon Color.

Connected Devices

Customized mouse and touchpad related Settings, Click on Mouse & touchpad marked as Green color circle.

Advance Mouse Options

if you want to change more settings of mouse and touchpad, click on Advanced mouse options marked as Red color circle.

Mouse Options

In this screenshot we can change Pointer Options, Wheel, Hardware and Speed, etc. Here's the screenshot,

Mouse Properties

To change the typing related settings, click on Typing option marked as Maroon color.


If you want to change auto playing settings, Click on AutoPlay option marked as Black color. Here's the screenshot,



In this article we learned how to Customize the System Devices Setting in Windows 10 Operating System. I hope you liked this article.