Customized TaskBar Of Windows 10


After installation of Windows 10 Operating System, by default, you can see the Taskbar of Windows 10 at the button position. Sometimes user wants to Customize the Taskbar of Windows 10.
Here are the steps to customize taskbar of Windows 10,
Step 1
Firstly, ON Customized functionality, here's the screenshot,
Step 2
In 2nd step, we will increase the size of Taskbar as in the following screenshot,
Next, hold the mouse pointer on the top corner of Taskbar to increase the size of the taskbar. Here's the screenshot,
Takbar size1 
Now change the position of Taskbar bottom side to the right side.
Taskbar Right
taskbar right position demo1
Step 3
Now we are again changing Taskbar position right side windows screen to top side windows screen. Here's the screenshot,
taskbar right position to top1
taskbar right position to demo1
taskbar top position demo1
Step 4
In this step, we looked for Taskbar at Left position windows screen as in the following screenshot,
taskbar top position1
Demo left taskbar1
Step 5
If you are changing the size equals to Windows half screen then we face maximized Windows screen problem. To solve that problem look at the following screenshot,
division demo1
division screens
left side poisition1
Step 6
Finally, if we want to change Taskbar in the previous state,
button taskbar1
Next hold mouse pointer on top corner of Taskbar to increase the size of taskbar, Looks this screen shot.
Turn OFF Taskbar Customization functionality.
normal state1


In this article, you learned how to customize the Taskbar in Windows 10 Operating System. I hope you liked this article.

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