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"Windows 7" file explorer is simple and similar to the "Windows XP" file explorer. In this file explorer, some file operations are in a hidden form which is not visible, for example, "Optimization", "Hidden Items/Folders", "Sharing File On Network" etc, so "Windows 7" file explorer have some limited features as in the following screenshot,
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Microsoft added a new "File Explorer" to overcome the problem to use all file operations in the old "File Explorer" window. It means all the file operations of the "Windows 7" file explorer are visible in the new file explorer window. So Microsoft added the new look and feel explorer called Windows 10 "File Explorer" with advanced functionality that plays an important role in a user-friendly environment. Follows some steps to understand the new functionality Windows 10 "File Explorer".
Firstly, open new "File Explorer" using "Windows + E" shortcut from the keyboard or click on the "File Explorer" icon which is pinned on the taskbar as in the following screenshot,
1st way of opening file explorer,
2nd way of opening file explorer,

File Menu

We can click on the "File" menu and see some tools like "Command Prompt", "Open Windows Power Shell", etc which is not visible in the "Windows 7" file explorer as in the following screenshot.

Home Menu

When we will press "Windows + E" shortcut key,  then "Home" menu opens by default with some tools options as in the following screenshot,

Share Menu

Click on the "Share" menu and you can see "Advance Security ", "Stop Sharing", and other options as in the following screenshot.
share menu

View Menu

Now we click on the "View" menu bar and file operation tools can be seen as in the following screenshot.
In the "View" menu bar we can see multiple file operations options that are not visible in the "Windows 7" menu bar. By using these tools we can easily manipulate files which are not easy in Windows 7 file explorer such as "Hidden Items", "Item Check Boxes", "File Name Extension", "Sort By" "layout", etc.

Hidden Menu / Manage Menu

In Windows 10 a new menu is added called the "Manage" menu or "Hidden Menu". In this file explorer when you click on the single "Extension File" like ".Jpg", ".Exe", ".doc", ".pdf" etc, then "Manage" menu is "ON", otherwise, it is in OFF mode as in the following screenshot, 
manage menu
To use "Bit locker"," Optimize", "Cleanup" and "Format", etc tools click on any "Drive" or "Pen Drive" as in the following screenshot.


In this article, we learned how to use Windows 10 "File Explorer".

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