Microsoft Store In Windows 10

In this article we will learn how to use the Windows Store to download apps and to buy some products.

A powerful Windows Store feature is added in Windows 10 operating system to run apps and download all the Windows Mobile phone apps. In previous Version of windows this feature was not available. Windows Store just like Google Play Store is used for downloading all the Android apps. To understand the functionality of Windows Store just follow these steps.

Open Windows Store

Firstly, open Windows Store, press Windows key from keyboard and click on All apps. After that single click on Store. Here's the screenshot,

Step 1:

start menu

Step 2:

Store App

Features of Microsoft Store
Store Home:

After following the above steps Windows Store Home is opened. In this Store Home we can see all the latest Windows Apps, top apps chart & categories. Here's the screenshot,

Run Store


After clicking on Apps Menu we can see all the Windows Apps. We can also download apps from Apps categories according to your choice. Here's the screenshot, 

Apps Menu


Free TextNow

Downloading Session

Open App

New App


In Games menu we are downloading all the latest game apps for Windows phones and Windows 10 operating system. There we can see game categories is used for downloading particular games. Here's the screenshot,

Game Menu


Windows Store
also provide Music related apps. In this category we can download different music artists or albums as in the following screenshot,

Music Menu

Movies and TV

Microsoft also added new feature Movies & TV to Entertainment. In this menu we can see live TV shows and we can buy any movie from movies categories. To download and rent movies here's the screenshot,

Movies and TV


Buy Game

Payment Form

Payment Option

By using this scheme we can order Movies and TV serials at your home address..


In the following Microsoft Store article, the main motive is to learn how to use Microsoft Store in details. I hope you liked this article.