Introduction to Service Process in Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2015

In this article, we will see how an out of box service process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 works.

Step 1

Click on the CRM logo and choose Service Menu -> Cases. 

dynamic ms crm

Step 2 

You will see the out of box process model for Identify the case, Research on it, Resolve it and if not satisfied reopen it. 

dynamic ms crm

Step 3

Enter the Case Name. A unique Case Id will be assigned to it. You can enter the other details such as customer and product. 

Step 4

You can enter new products from this screen itself in case the product does not already exist. Click on the New button. 

Step 5

The New product dialog box will open. You can enter all the product details here. 

new product 

You need to save and be sure you "publish" the product so that it is ready for use.


Step 6 

There are many other additional details that can be entered in the case such as Case Relationships, enhanced SLA details, additional details, social details, articles and contract information. 
case relation
Step 7 

Once a case is initiated you can see it in the Active Cases view. It shows the status, created on, assigned to and other details. 
my active cases
Step 8

The assignee of the case can check the knowledge bank to find if a related case is already registered. And once the case is resolved, it can be closed with information as below.


Step 9

The case can be reopened if the resolution is not satisfactory.

This is the workflow of out of box process. This process can be configured and customised for individual organization needs. We will see customization in the next article.