Set Drupal New Themes in PHP


I describe how to set new Drupal themes in PHP. I would like to change our new themes in Drupal so I open the administrator settings and then the "side building" setting.  I will choose the "themes" option and then click on themes. Then open a new window. This window provides the settings for new themes. In the window, six themes already exist. These themes provide the Drupal setup such as Bluemarine, Chameleon, Garland, Marvin, Minnelli, and Pushbutton that you can choose, or you can download new themes to use in your application. Such as:

click on themes.jpg

available teames.jpg

In Drupal, six themes are already available and the Garland theme is already set as the default theme. If you want to use something else instead of these Drupal builtin themes then you can download new themes from "" depending on your requirements or needs.

Put new themes in themes.jpg

And since the downloaded themes are put in your Drupal themes folder, refresh your browser. After refreshing the browser you can see the new downloaded themes in your themes folder. The following image shows the new downloaded "Danland" and "Danblog" themes.

Available new themes in themes folder.jpg

You can choose one of these themes and then click on save configuration and refresh your Drupal home page such as I am choosing the Danland theme and then I press save configuration.

choosing danland.jpg

This is your old theme.

Your old theme.jpg

And this is your new theme. 

home page look here new theme.jpg