Start With MVC Architecture In ASP.NET And Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

In this task I will describe you the use of MVC Architecture in ASP.NET & Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition has some great features included by Microsoft and if you like coding with .NET framework then upgrade with the new editor i.e. Visual Studio 2015

If you have an account, then you freely create your own online Visual Studio account and experience the whole new cloud services free for 90 days within project group partners in Cloud.

In this video you will learn login with and if you have installed Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition or Visual Studio 2013 on your computer then link up your project with cloud and add project group members.

Let’s start

1. Open up your web browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. & visit Visual Studio website,

2. Sign in with your account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account then create it.

3. Create a free account in by performing these steps.

4. Setup your Account URL and click Create Account button.

5. Now you are almost done. Load your dashboard, click on New and type your Project Name. Write your Project description, select Process Template and Version Control (Team Foundation Version Control / Git), then Create Project.

6. Now just open up your project in editor by clicking Open in Visual Studio,

7. Create Solutions by clicking on New & add new project solution.

8. Now create a new ASP.NET web application and select your .NET framework version, then set your web application name and press OK.

9. Now select ASP.NET 4.5.2 Templates, Add folders & core references. If you have Microsoft Azure account, then tick Host in the cloud and click OK,

10. Wait for completing Visual Studio process.

11. By default it will add basic web forms like Default.aspx, Contact.aspx, Site.master and bootstrap.css, Site.css are basic templates for the application.

12. Add new image folder for storing images, backgrounds, etc. by creating new folder like the following,

13. With by default theme your application looks like the following,

14. Change your application name by editing Site.master page & change fonts by replacing “font-family” in bootstrap.css & change navigation links “<ul><li></li></ul>” (For example, make changes in CSS class ‘navbar-inverse’ & ‘navbar-inverse’) as per your choice.

15. Make changes with “col-md-4” for “text-align: center; max-width: 33.33%; min-width: 33.33%;” in bootstrap.css for better viewing things of your home page.

16. Put a background image on lead and make changes in “.jumbotron{}” css class in bootstrap.css & also make changes in “.jumbotron h1{}” & “.jumbotron p{}” as per your required need.

17. Now your application is ready for publishing and make more applications with new editor “Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition”.

Thank you for reading.


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