Intel Realsense 3D Technology: An Overview


Amazing”. This was my first reaction after trying the Intel Realsense Camera. Just imagine that in apps and games you can scan your entire face as the main character and then control him with gestures or voice. Now with the Intel Realsense camera, the devices will have human-like senses. In the future computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices will be able to understand their users. Intel Realsense 3D Camera uses depth-sensing technology so your PC sees more like you. You can control your devices with gestures and voice. No, I am not talking about the future, now we have devices like this that are able to interact with us. It is being integrated into a range of laptops from Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and HP.
The RealSense 3D Camera has dual microphones and the following three lenses:
  1. A conventional camera
  2. An infrared camera
  3. An infrared laser projector
Together, the three lenses allow the device to infer depth by detecting infrared light that has bounced back from objects in front of it. This visual data, taken in combination with Intel RealSense motion-tracking software, create a touch-free interface that responds to hand, arm and head motions as well as facial expressions.
The Realsense 3D camera will change our traditional way of interacting with a computer, smartphones, tablets, and all other devices. Let us understand this with some examples.
  1. Gesture Control: Interact with your computer as you do with people. With Realsense your computer can understand hand and head movement and even your facial expressions. It has 22 tracking points per hand. It is also accurate in recognizing voice commands as well as dictations.
  2. 3D Scan: Take any object in front of your Realsense Camera, give it a few spins and you will get it into a virtual world. Now you can manipulate it into something new or print it as-is with a 3D printer. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, you are not limited to manufacturing capabilities.
  3. Immersive Chat: You can change your chat background in real-time as Intel Realsense 3D camera senses depth.
  4. Takes measurements: Snap a picture and take measurements right on the screen.
  5. Intel Realsense Snapshot: It lets you change the focus after you take the picture. Just take a picture and change the focus by tapping wherever you want the focus to be. It retains the depth and allows us to change the focus up to 30 meters from where you took the shot.
HP has launched a computer “HP Sprout” that leverages the features of the Intel Realsense camera. It is a computer with an integrated desktop scanner. With Realsense technology, it scans an object in a high-resolution full-color 3D digital model than with some software you can modify or reconstruct it by adding new design elements and send it for printing to your 3D printer. Watch this video to understand the power of the Intel Realsense 3D camera.
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