View Search Result as a Chart in JIRA Tool in Testing

In JIRA Tool we can view search results in the Issue Navigator in a variety of charting formats. To view a chart in the tool we can use the following.

Log in through JIRA account and click on the "Issues" button on the top navigation bar. On clicking it, it will display the Issue Navigator page.


Enter some search data in the search column on the left side of the Issue Navigator page. Click on the Search button and it will display the required searched test case.


Now click on the "Views" menu on the top-right side of the issue and choose "Charts".


It will display the Gadgets window in which the user can view various chart formats.


We can also save that searched issue chart by clicking on the "Save to Dashboard" button of the Gadgets window. After clicking on the "Save to Dashboard" button it will ask for the Filter Name.


Enter the Filter Name and click on the Save button. On clicking the Save button it will display that chart on the dashboard window of the user.