How to Create a List of Objects in C#


A list is a collection of items that can be accessed by index and provides functionality to search, sort and manipulate list items.

The List<T> class defined in the System.Collections.Generic namespace is a generic class and can store any data types to create a list. Before you use the List class in your code, you must import the System.Collections.Generic namespace using the following line.

using System.Collections.Generic;

Creating a List of Objects

The List class can be used to create any type including a class. In this article, we will see how to create a list of a class with several properties. 

We have a class named Author that has five pubic properties Name, Age, BookTitle, IsMVP and PublishedDate of type string, short, string, bool, and DateTime respectively.  

 public class Author
    private string name;
    private short age;
    private string title;
    private bool mvp;
    private DateTime pubdate;

    public Author(string name, short age, string title, bool mvp, DateTime pubdate)
    { = name;
        this.age = age;
        this.title = title;
        this.mvp = mvp;
        this.pubdate = pubdate;

    public string Name
        get { return name;  }
        set { name = value; }

    public short Age
        get { return age; }
        set { age = value; }
    public string BookTitle
        get { return title; }
        set { title = value; }
    public bool IsMVP
        get { return mvp; }
        set { mvp = value; }
    public DateTime PublishedDate
        get { return pubdate; }
        set { pubdate = value; }

The following code snippet creates a List of Author type.  

List<Author> AuthorList = new List<Author>();

The following code snippet creates the Author objects and adds them to the List. 

AuthorList.Add(new Author("Mahesh Chand", 35, "A Prorammer's Guide to ADO.NET", true, new DateTime(2003,7,10)));
AuthorList.Add(new Author("Neel Beniwal", 18, "Graphics Development with C#", false, new DateTime(2010, 2, 22)));
AuthorList.Add(new Author("Praveen Kumar", 28, "Mastering WCF", true, new DateTime(2012, 01, 01)));
AuthorList.Add(new Author("Mahesh Chand", 35, "Graphics Programming with GDI+", true, new DateTime(2008, 01, 20)));
AuthorList.Add(new Author("Raj Kumar", 30, "Building Creative Systems", false, new DateTime(2011, 6, 3)));

The following code snippets loop through the List and prints out all the items of the List. 

foreach (var author in AuthorList)
    Console.WriteLine("Author: {0},{1},{2},{3},{4}", author.Name, author.Age, author.BookTitle, author.IsMVP, author.PublishedDate);

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