Future of Prism Library

Watch Brian and Brian discuss the future of the Prism library.

The Prism Library helps architects and developers create composite applications for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. The Prism Library can support those wanting to build a number of application styles with WPF, but it is was primarily constructed for applications composed of discrete, functionally complete pieces that work together to create a single, integrated User Interface (UI), often referred to as a composite application. The Prism Library accelerates the development of applications using proven design patterns.
The Prism Library is primarily designed to help architects and developers create applications that need to accomplish the following: 
  • Build clients composed of independent, yet cooperating, modules or pieces.
  • Separate the concerns of module builders from the concerns of the shell developer; by doing this, business units can concentrate on developing domain-specific modules instead of the WPF architecture.
  • Separate the concerns of presentation, presentation logic and application model through support for presentation model patterns such as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM).
  • Use an architectural infrastructure to produce a consistent and high-quality integrated application.
In this episode, Robert is joined by Brian Lagunas and Brian Noyes to talk about the future of Prism.