Hardware Requirements For Microsoft Azure Stack Server

Are you not happy with Microsoft’s offering of Azure stack? Is Azure costing you too much? Are you interested in building your own server for Azure stack? Do you want to bring your own Azure cloud to your own data center? 

We are not happy with the price we pay for Azure SQL Server and bandwidth. We wanted to build our own Azure stack in our own data center. This article talks about the hardware configurations for an Azure stack server.
Microsoft recently published a proof of concept (POC) on hardware requirements for building your own Azure stack server.

Here is the recommended configurations:

Obviously, for some of us, you may need more data storage or CPU depending on your needs. For example, for us, we needed much more storage but this gives you an idea to get started. 

Also watch the following video to learn more. 

In my upcoming articles, I plan to cover the hardware recommendations for building a Windows Server 2016 with containers support.