How to Remove DropBox From my Laptop

In this article, I will show you how to cleanly remove DropBox from your machine.

I keep forgetting why I removed DropBox from my Windows 7 laptop but now I remember. I hate when my laptop's fan make noise. I can't stand it. It also creates a major problem when I am on a video chat or record a video.

So, today  again needed to access a file stored on DropBox and I decided to install it. After installation, I noticed my laptop started making noise. I opened Task Manager and noticed that DropBox was consuming over 88 MB of RAM. This was even after it was synchronized and the files were already copied to my local drive.

I went ahead and uninstalled DropBox from Control Panel.

Unfortunately, uninstalling DropBox does not clean your machine. You must read this article to ensure your machine is clean.

Uninstalling Dropbox using the instructions above will remove Dropbox from your hard drive. Optionally, you can also clean Dropbox settings files out of your Application Data folder.

In any "Windows Explorer" window (the program that you view files on your computer with), type or copy and paste the following code into the location bar at the top of the window and press return:


This will take you to your "Application Data" folder

Move the folder named "Dropbox" to the recycle bin.