Key To Success - Continuity

Success does not come overnight. If you look under the hood, you will see years of dedication, challenging work, and sacrifice behind their success.

You are most likely to also find a word, “Continuity” being a part of their success.

Most of us have heard the story of The Tortoise and The Hare in which a slow but steady turtle beats the fast but arrogant rabbit in the race.

 Key To Success
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This is not just a story. This is a real life example. In your story, you can be the hare or the tortoise.

Since 2000, C# Corner (this website) has become home to millions of developers and programmers. In year 2021, we had more than twenty-nine million people visited the website. During this time, I have seen hundreds if not more websites and community appeared and disappeared. But C# Corner continues to lead the way.

What is different in C# Corner from other communities that disappeared?


C# Corner may be slow but is a steady turtle.

I started C# Corner in year 2000 and these twenty-two years of being a part of the developer community, I have seen many rising and falling stars. I remember some of these superstar contributors and community leaders, who found a smaller success and stop working hard. I also know many authors who are either running their own companies, have become popular published authors, speakers, MVPs, and/or leading something big in their respective companies.

The one thing that separates successful stars with not so successful stars is, the continuity.

“…to reach skies, we must not stop on a mountain.”

You may have heard of the phrase, “Fail Fast.” While this phrase may be a good fit for a startup, it is not a good fit for an individual. If you do something you love, you do not need to fail fast. You can succeed slowly. You can take your time. If you want to grow a mango tree, it is going to take years and you must continue to nurture it.

This is what some young folks do not understand. They do not reach their full potential because they stop working hard. They stop being hungry. That is what separates an average successful person to a phenomenally successful person. People who are phenomenally successful in their lives never stop. They are not satisfied with smaller achievements. They may take a pause, but they resume with ever more energy and passion until they reach their full potential.

I see the same in young athletes as well. Once they reach a certain stage in their career, they think they have achieved it all and they stop working hard. They get lazy and their growth stops.

Key To Success
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Same applies to successful businesses too. You may see companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Uber, and others phenomenally successful, but they did not become successful overnight. It was years and years of work behind the scenes before you even heard of them.

Just remember, if you want to reach skies, you must not stop on a mountain.

As Steve Jobs said, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

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