Why Developers Should Focus On Innovation

We are developers. We love writing code. We hate everything else. We're at our desk focused on writing and forget about everything else. All of a sudden, you get an email that your company is laying off 15% of its staff and you are one of them. It has happened with many developers recently.

While you're enjoying your current work, it doesn't mean you should sit relaxed and forget about everything else. You should always be working on Your Next Job. Just because there is no war on the border, that doesn't mean soldiers should stop training.

A good player not only knows where the ball is coming from but also knows were to hit the ball. Why don't you ask Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar. Image Source: Google

Many developers ask me the questions: What is .NET Scope in the Future? Is learning Android better than Windows Phone? What is the future of WPF?

To understand this, we developers should start paying attention to the innovation and hardware. Hardware may include devices, smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, tablets and so on. Hardware is the one that drives software. Software is merely a medium to use these devices.

On C# Corner, we have a News section where we publish some important news that we think developers should read. Why? The main reason for the news is to provide developers an update on what is happening in the hardware and innovation world.

Young developers may not care for this but when you're a senior developer, decision maker and an entrepreneur and want to build your next software solution, you should keep an eye on the business trends, innovation and hardware.

“Today's hardware innovation is tomorrow's software need.”

Today if the market is building and selling smartwatches then there will be a big need for smartwatch apps. Today, if Android and iOS are leading mobile operating systems, obviously businesses will demand more Android and iOS apps. If there are more consumers using mobiles and tablets to browse the Web, more businesses will ask for mobile and tablet solutions.

Be a smart player!