Kudos To Sourav Kayal For Fastest Century In C# Corner

C# Corner highly applauds Sourav Kayal for his amazing and a mind-boggling fastest contribution of 100+ quality articles to the C# IT community.

Sourav Kayal

A .Net Developer at Helixdna Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India, Sourav Kayal has been a student at Anna University Coimbatore, Vidyasagar University, Gnanamani College of Technology and Panskura Banamali College.

His life is significantly decorated with many accomplishments that are hard to garner at this age.

Sourav Kayal is the C# Corner Most Valued Professional 2013 and the Top Member Of The Month. Host to an enormous knowledge and experience in .Net, Sourav Kayal is a pure talent and is an inspiration to all.

His achievements do not end here and will grow with the passing days. Moving forward with every week, month, each year we hope to see him shine more and sparkle at the global IT stage of experts.

Through his continuous contributions in the C# Corner IT community Sourav has helped an innumerous number of IT professionals, big and small, amateurs and experts from all over the world.

He has shared the gift of education and knowledge in C# Corner for the enlightenment of the global IT community and we hope this process will never end.

We wish him all the feats in his journey and congratulate him for his 100+ contributions at the C# Corner.

We are proud to have an author like Sourav Kayal and look forward to many more years of fruitful associations together.