How to Publish BI Reports

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This article explains how to publish a BI Report from a local something to a BI server and how to open that report live.

Getting Started

Start Power BI Desktop and click on the Open Other Reports or select a recent report from the list in the left side bar as you can see in Figure 1.

                              Figure 1

I have opened my report that displays SQL data.

                                       Figure 2

Now click on the Publish toolbar on top of Power BI.

                                                                        Figure 3

You need Power BI login details and for that Sign in.

                                                        Figure 4

Enter the login credentials and click the Sign in button.

                                                                  Figure 5

Here you go. Your report is published to Power BI

                                                         Figure 6

If you want to view your report, click on the link as in the screenshot in Figure 7.

                                                               Figure 7

As you can see, the URL is your published report.


In this article we saw how to publish a Power BI Report to Power BI.