Update on MVC (HOL) Hand on Lab C# Corner Mumbai Chapter

Update on MVC Hand On (HOL) lab C# Corner Mumbai chapter

This is an update of the MVC Hands On Mumbai chapter which was announced http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/Events/6/mvc-hol-hands-on-lab.aspx

We would like to thank Mr Paul Biplab (http://blogs.technet.com/b/southasiamvp/) for providing us the Microsoft Kalina, Mumbai premise to make this event successful. Big thanks to C# Corner and Mahesh Chand for providing this platform of knowledge sharing.


The following was the agenda for the day:

Why do we need MVC when we have ASP.NET? - 10 Minutes

Lab 1 :- Simple hello world in MVC - 10 Minutes

Lab 2 :- Creating a strongly typed view - 20 Minutes

Lab 3 :- Using HTML helper classes - 15 Minutes

Lab 4 :- Validation using Data annotation - 10 minutes

Lab 5 :- AJAX with MVC - 20 Minutes

Lab 6 :- JSON with MVC - 10 Minutes

Lab 7 :- jQuery with MVC - 10 Minutes

Lab 8 :- JSON with MVC - 10 min

Lab 9 :- Razor with MVC - 10 minutes

Lab 10 :- Action filters - 10 min

12 participants confirmed and all 12 where dot on time. We did get many calls but we had limiteid seating as you can easily see of the conference room as shown below. We are extremely sorry for people who missed this session and did not get seats. Next time we will try to get in to a larger conference room.


We began precisely at 1 in the afternoon and ended at approx. 4:30 PM. We had two breaks, one a smaller one of 15 minutes for coffee and a one big 40 minute break for lunch. Next time, to avoid the long break we will bring in snacks inside the premise.

The last agenda point we were not able to complete so here is the video which covers the same: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=394964867254342&set=vb.100002224977742&type=2&theater


Some of the things we learned which we can improve in the next session are:

  • AC permission from Microsoft to be taken prior to avoid last minute confusion. Thanks for the awesome fans and the cold weather, participants did not face problems. If it was hot we would have wrapped in half and hour :-)

  • Water bottles and tea availability.


Big thanks to Mr. Kamal Rawat who is the lead of the group to do the back-end and co-ordination activities.


It was very kind of Mr. Shivprasad Koirala to take this session and we expect many to proceed in the same way. We are thankful to QuestPond TEAM for the back-end effort of mass mailing and co-ordination. You can visit questpond.com for C# interview question videos.


If you are interested in joining the Mumbai chapter then do connect with the chapter lead Mr. Kamal Rawat at kamalrawat86@gmail.com


Again a big thanks to everyone to take out time on Sunday and travel all over to make this session successful.