Windows 10 'Apps and Features' Options


Here are some interesting features in Windows 10 "Apps & Features."
Windows 10 provides us with the option of searching the installed app in the machine and also uninstalling or managing the apps in a user-friendly way.
Step 1
Go to the Settings option in Windows 10.
Step 2
Go to the "System" tab under settings in Windows 10.
Step 3
Under Settings, go to the "Apps & features" option. Here's the screenshot:
Step 4
Windows 10 provides an option of searching the application installed. I am searching with the keyword "silver."
Step 5
We are able to search the apps installed in a specific drive too.
Step 6
Sorting option provides me an option for the following:
  1. Sort by size
  2. Sort by name
  3. Sort by install date
Step 7
Once the apps are searched the option for uninstallation is provided.
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In this article, we learned about Windows 10 'Apps and Features' Options.