Network And Internet Options In Windows 10

In this article you will learn about network and internet options in Windows 10.

Here are the steps for accessing network and internet options in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to "Settings" option in Windows 10.

Step 2: Under "Settings" go to "Network & Internet."

Step 3: You can prefer the option of selecting the network icon in the System tray and click the option "Network settings."

Step 4: Under Settings, go to Network & Internet and then VPN.

Step 5: Select the "Internet options " to view the Internet options for the machine.

Step 6: To view the available networks click the option "Network and Sharing Center."

Step 7:
Here is the Network and Sharing Center.

Step 8: Here is the option for sharing data. The option is "Change advanced sharing options."

Step 9: This is the older option which most of Windows users know controls the Windows sharing option.

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