3 Methods To Set Up Effective Communication In Your Organization

How many times have you had an idea but couldn't write it down because you didn't have a notebook? And if you're having this problem, you need to read this blog.

We run into these problems a lot if we can store something but can't find it later. Even if you got it, you couldn't share it with your team, clients, or friends.

Your business can't communicate well until you have all three of these things.

  • Getting information
  • Organize
  • Sharing

Information Gathering

If gathering information is a challenge, the biggest blocker is the lack of it. We've seen this happen when people on a team write down information in random places and then forget it or lose their notebooks.

Since they don't use a problem format in meetings, they don't take the right steps afterward. So, there needs to be a central place in every organization where all notes can be made. And it should be available at any time.

Organize information

Meetings like client meetings, team meetings, and project meetings help a business run. But how useful those meetings are depended entirely on how your team organizes the information. Because what your team does after a meeting depends on how well they can understand the minutes and act on them.


When working as a team, sharing information is the most important thing to do. Using a private notebook or digital notebook on a mobile device makes it hard to share with teams. We also need to think about safety when we share with other people.

With all of these things in mind, Microsoft made an app called OneNote for groups, teams, and families.


OneNote is a part of Microsoft's Business Suites. It is designed to make it easy to collect information using a mobile app, a desktop, or the Internet.

Features of OneNote



You can collect information in the form of Audio files in OneNote. You can use voice commands to add text. You can use voice commands to record audio.


You can add files to OneNote, and you can also print with files.


A section in OneNote is like a chapter in a book. It is used to group information.


Pages are like adding a page to a chapter; they are part of sections.



Tags are used to organize information in a document. For example, To-Do, Highlights, Discussion with Person, Critical, and many more. These tags are important for meetings because they help people share information.


In higher versions of OneOne, you can use templates to make meeting templates for client meetings and project meetings.

Outlook Meeting

You can add an Outlook meeting or team meeting to your OneOne page with just one click. It will give you a good template and let you add your invitation message when you share it with someone.


The Draw menu is where you can add the paint feature to OneNote, which lets you highlight any part of a drawing you add to OneNote.



By default, Microsoft Outlook is connected to OneNote, so you can send pages to anyone.

With Anyone

Using the sharing feature, you can send a link to the whole notebook to anyone with an email address. When you share, make sure the right people have access.

Using a link

If you don't want to share via email, you can make a sharing link for OneNote and send it to anyone.

Within Organization

If you need to share something with someone in your organization, you can easily do so by searching for that person.

With Access Rights

Manage access, you can share with anyone and still set permissions. You can give access to "can view" or "can edit."


  • There are three ways to make communication work well.
  • How to use OneNote to gather information.
  • How to use OneNote to organize information.
  • How you can use OneNote to share information.

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