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Threaded Discussion Forum that utilizes the .NET framework, with C# as the ASP.NET server side language.  Uses MS Access Database for data.

Thanks for your interest in the Discussion Forum.  This provides a very simple Threaded Discussion Forum that allows the user to Add topics, then Post replies to that Topic.  It is built on the .NET framework and uses C# as the ASP.NET server side language.  Data is stored in a MS Access Database.


  • These files require a Web Server with the Microsoft .NET framework installed to function.

Installation Instructions:

  • Unzip the files and place them in a Directory in your web server root
  • They should work as is.  Check in the DB folder to make sure the Database (Forum.mdb) is not 'Read Only'.
  • You can customize the look with the Style.css or simply copy past them into your
    own .aspx pages.
  • Browse to the default.aspx page to start the application

Use Cases:

  • General User: Presented with the login screen, choose a username.  The application will store this username as a Session variable and attach it to all Topics and Postings you create.
  • Administrator User:  When presented with the login screen, enter the Administrator Username (username and password are specified in DoLogin() of default.aspx).  The form will show the password field to enter the password.  Once successful, will store the Username as a Session variable as well as A Session variable telling the application you are logged in as an Administrator.  When presented with Topics and Postings lists,  you will see the Admin Links that allow you to Delete Topics and Posts.

File Descriptions:

  • db/Forum.mdb: MS Access DataBase
  • AddTopic.aspx: Page includes a Form that posts to itself and "INSERTS" a record into the Database as a new topic
  • default.aspx: Contains a login form that users are required to enter a Username, they are not stored in the Database.  The form posts to itself and in the DoLogin() function there is a place to specify the Administrator account, and Password (currently admin / password, change to your preference.)  If you enter the Administrator username (case-sensitive) you are presented with the password field.
  • DeleteRecord.aspx: Deletes a record from the Database, shared by Topics and Postings
  • Postings.aspx: Displays all the postings for a Topic, and a form to add a posting that posts to itself.
  • Style.css: Your Stylesheet to control the Look and Feel
  • Topics.aspx: Displays all the Topics in the forum

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