A Walk Through PowerApps - List

In this article, you will learn about lists in PowerApps development.

Continuing my pursuit to explore more and share more, I am sharing more knowledge over PowerApps and this time, it will be more exclusively based upon the Lists which we have explained in the previous post.

List in PowerApps is a list of records which is presented in vertical format by default and with some specific attributes chosen by the system.

Changing the default attributes shown in the List

  • Click on the properties of the list and a window will pop up on the right where you can see the fields which are available. You can change the content as well as the layout of the attributes on the list through this.

  • Now you have configured the list of attributes or the attributes which are present to you in the layout. You can undertake multiple other changes like placing labels used before the value. For that, you need to insert a LABEL in the LIST and then you can show the value.

  • Definitely, at times, we need to configure the search criteria which has been enabled on the LIST or the ascending and descending order of the attributes over the list in PowerApps and this can be configured by changing the formula which is visible on click of the Text Bar Search Items.
  • Every control that we click will be having multiple associated properties, which include setting visibility, font, color, Font weight, Text Alignment, and much more. The properties are available through both, Visual editor as well as the formula bar. Let's say we wish to have a functionality wherein if the list has a value of email as “xyz.com”, then a specific attribute must be set visible or highlighted. Then, we need to write a formula which is something similar to that of Excel (IF()) and followed by Is.Visible = False.

  • Adding a background image to list when the business wishes to add something like a logo the company or a specific image is simple. To achieve the same, we first need to upload an image through the visual editor in PowerApps followed by the addition of an image and in the image, we select what has been uploaded by us. Now, the most important aspect is to set it as BACKGROUND image; else the image will be on top of the LIST and none of your controls will be functioning. Along with the same, we have options to set the transparency of the image on the scale of 0-1

  • At times, let's say, the business needs you to show only the records of the users who have logged in the PowerApps, and nothing more than that. So, what we can do is that we set the filter criteria over the list itself where we will pull the information from Office365 and compare if the email id of the record is equal to the email id of the logged-in user.

There is much more to be shared and explored … will keep you posted with more information related to PowerApps.