Add RSS Viewer Web Part In SharePoint Online

What is RSS?

  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is used for transmitting information across the internet and intranets
  • We can display the information from external sites by adding the RSS feed webpart in SharePoint page
  • We can use the RSS feed webpart to show the news, weather etc.

Before adding the RSs viewer webpart on the SharePoint page activate the below feature:

“SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features’



Follow below listed steps to add RSS viewer Webpart,

Step 1

Open your SharePoint site


Step 2

Then open the SharePoint page where you want to add RSS viewer webpart


Step 3

On the page select the page tab from top ribbon bar as shown below


Step 4

Click on Edit to add the webpart,


Step 5

Then click “Add a webpart”, and select “Content Rollup” group from categories section


Step 6

Select “RSS viewer” webpart on right side and click on “Add” button


Step 7

After you clicked the ADD button “RSS Viewer” webpart will be added on your page as shown below,


Step 8

Then click “OPEN THE TOOL PANE” link, you will get the web part properties and add the URL in “RSS Feed URL” Text box as shown in below


Step 9

Finally Click “OK” button and save the page to show the feeds in the page


Successfully RSS feed webpart is added on our page


In this article we have explored what RSS viewer webpart is, how it’s used in SharePoint and how to add in SharePoint page