Add TOC (Table Of Contents) To Your Wordpress Posts Or Pages


Here in this post we are going to see how we can add a Table of Contents to our WordPress posts and pages. Here, we are going to install a plugin to do this work. I have chosen this plugin because it is so simple and yet does the work very well. It doesn’t have more settings and features but the way it is created is 100% apt for what it is meant to be. You can also give it a try. I hope, you will like this. Now, let’s begin.


Today, I was just trying to create a post. I decided to include the Table of Contents to the post, then I searched for the plugins which would do the work well. I found many in the Add New plugin page when I searched for the keywords “Table of Contents”, but most of them have too many functinalities and configurations. Subsequently, I found this plugin F(X)-TOC. I liked it as it is very simple and doesn’t have many configurations.

TOC plugin in WordPress

TOC plugin in WordPress

Steps to add TOC to your post or page

Adding a TOC to your page or post with this plugin is so simple. You just need to add TOC in square brackets to your post or pages when you need the table of contents to be displayed, then this plugin will take all the heading elements (h1-h6) and add those in to the table of contents. It's pretty simple. Let’s see it in action now. In the preceeding image, I have set the table of contents and my heading elements.

TOC Editing

TOC Editing

Now, if you run your page/ post, you can see the table of contents.TOC Output

TOC output is given.

It's too simple.


Did I miss anything that you may think is needed? Did you find this post useful? I hope, you liked this article. Please share your valuable suggestions and feedback with me.