Adding The Data Disk To The Azure Windows Virtual Machine


In this article, we’ll see how to attach a data disk to the Virtual Machine with simple steps. 

Data Disk
This is a Virtual Machine’s hard disk that’s attached to a Virtual Machine to store application data (or) other data you need to keep.

Data Disk Size
This extends the maximum size of the disks from 1,024 GB to 4,095 GB and enables customers to add 4x more disk storage capacity per VM. Customers can now provision up to a total of 256 TB disks storage on a GS5 VM using 64 disks with 4 TB capacity.


  • Active Microsoft Azure Account

Virtual Machine Creation

Process 1 (New Data Disk Creation)

Step 1

Go to the Virtual Machine part on the portal.

And open the Virtual Machine, which you want to connect to the Data disk.

Click “Disks” in the Settings.



Click “Add data disk” and select “Create disk”.

Now, it’ll open the “Create managed disk” option.



Step 2

  1. Name >> Give the specific name.
  2. Resource group >> Create a new one (or) Can use existing one.
  3. Account type >> Standard_LRS (LRS makes 3 copies of your data and then it can put all the data in particular data center).
  4. Source type >> None(empty disk)
  5. Size >> (You can use from 1024 GB to 4095 GB)

Click “Create”.



After creating your data disk, just save that Data disk and Exit up.

Then, open the Virtual Machine.



Process 2 (Adding the created Data disk)

There is nothing else except the disks we have already created for the virtual machine.

So, now go to the “Disk Management Settings” (Search – “diskmgmt.msc”).



Just do what I have shown in the picture.



Right click on the unallocated disk (Created disk) and click “New Simple Volume”.







And, you can choose your favorite “Drive letter” here.







The adding process is completed. Now, go to the “File Explorer”.

And you can see here that now, we have successfully added the E-Drive.




I hope this will be helpful to you.

Thank you.