Altering Item Insights Security In Microsoft Graph Using PowerShell Commands

What does the meaning of Insight protection Settings?

Item insights protection settings give the capacity to arrange the permeability of bits of insights obtained from Microsoft Graph. Typically, Insights are between users and other artifacts like documents, sites, and connections in organizations in Microsoft 365. Users can impede the application through traditional/pre-existing controls yet permit different bits of knowledge-based encounters to keep on giving help.

How to change Item insights settings?

The pieces of information (Insights) settings offer flexibility to administrators to use Azure AD Tools. Chiefs can debilitate insights for an entire affiliation/organization, or for only people from a member of a specific Azure Ad Group.
Plan encounters by using the PowerShell SDK or Microsoft Graph Rest API with respective permissions.
Global Administrator permission role is mandatory to execute this process.
In this article, I am including steps utilizing Microsoft Graph SDK in Power shell. I will compose a separate article to perform the same thing using Microsoft Graph Rest EndPoint.
The following area portrays utilizing PowerShell Cmdlets to arrange experience settings.

How to execute PowerShell commands to change Insights Settings?

Kindly check expected requirements to install Microsoft Graph SDK


Connect to Microsoft 365 Tenant in Power Shell.
  1. PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Connect-MgGraph -Scopes "User.Read.All","Group.ReadWrite.All","User.ReadWrite.All" // Pass this scope to update settings.   
To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code SM4RJEC8J to authenticate.
Copy "" and paste it in browser. Enter code and login with Global Admin account.

Altering Item Insights Security in Microsoft Graph using PowerShell Commands
Select Select-MgProfilebeta in Power shell because Item insights commands are just accessible in beta, Change to the beta profile prior to calling it.

To know existing item insights configuration for an organization, Utilize below command. User need to replace $TenantId with his Azure Active Directory ID.
  1. PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-MgOrganizationSettingItemInsight -OrganizationId 3d24e987-328a-319f-a457-659748449df4 // Change this Id with your Tenant ID  
  2. //Output  
  3. Id DisabledForGroup IsEnabledInOrganization  
  4. -- ---------------- -----------------------  
  5. True   
To change existing settings, follow the below command where you need to update TenantId with your TenantId.
  1. PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Update-MgOrganizationSettingItemInsight -OrganizationId 3d24e987-328a-319f-a457-659748449df4 -IsEnabledInOrganization:$false   

What does one need to keep in mind while changing the settings of Insights?

  1. Settings are accessible just in Beta Endpoint. It is in preview at the time of writing this article.
  2. Refreshing settings can require up to 8 hours to be applied across all Microsoft 365 encounters.
  3. Despite things encounters settings, Delve continues with respect to Delve occupant and client level security settings

How this progression will be affected to the behavior of UI in Microsoft 365?

  • Used documents will no longer display on the User's Profile card.
  • Recent files board gets unfilled to profile aftereffect of Microsoft search in Bing
  • The accuracy of abbreviation development in Bing Search will be decreased.
  • It will prevent recommended meeting hours appeared on the User's profile card.
  • Documents will be hidden from Delve.
  • The User's action is barred from improving the profitability/Productivity of others.
  • Microsoft Graph API returns "HTTP 403 Forbidden" while querying the trending and used resources.
After some time, the extension and kinds of these experiences will be broadened.

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