Mass Email Processor


In this article, you will learn how to generate mass e-mails.
A simple mass e-mail processor.
Version: 1.0.1.
The UI allows an end-user to be guided through the steps: Data Import, Templating, Mail Distributor, and sending.
  • The mail Processor needs .NET 5.0 installed.


When starting the application you can either choose to load an existing configuration or start fresh by clicking the "next" button to the lower right. There is also an indicator whenever WebView2 is supported. That should be the case on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 computers.
An Mass-Email Processor
During the whole process you can, at each step chose to save all entered data by clicking the "save" button to the upper right. This will allow you to pre-fill all data you already have entered when starting a new process.


Data Acquisition
With the current application, you can choose between 2 import methods:
An Mass-Email Processor 
Depending on the data source you have selected, the next step will be different.
All direct next steps will require you to validate your settings before you can continue!
An Mass-Email Processor

CSV Import

You have to add the path to a CSV file (using ; as a separator)
An Mass-Email Processor

SQL Import

You can also import your data from an MS-SQL server using a connection string and a Query.
An Mass-Email Processor

Set Mail Properties

To generate a mail, you have to enter several paths to where certain properties of the mail like the Receivers Address & Name, the Mails subject, and the Senders Address & Name is located in your data. To the right of your screen, you can see the Data's structure. If you want to set constant values you have to enclose your values with `"` like:
From Address Expression: ""
An Mass-Email Processor


To generate an individual email for your sendout, you can write an HTML morestachio template that will be used to generate the mail body for each mail.
The Editor allows you to load some popular templates by first selecting the template from the dropdown menu at the top and then using the button to download it.
You could also set your own set of templates by putting them in a folder relative to the application named "/Templates".
An Mass-Email Processor
If you want to preview your template with the generated example data, you can click on "Open Preview Window". This will open a new window that you can put side by side to the editor to get a live preview of the template. It Supports both a `Text View` and an `Html View`.
An Mass-Email Processor
Data Sendout
You can send your generated mails to either an SMTP server or save them as a ".mime" document.
All direct next steps will require you to validate your settings before you can continue!
Review and Sendout
When everything is entered, you can review your settings and choose to use a parallel sendout. When using the parallel method you can set the number of threads and buffered mails in memory.
An Mass-Email Processor
When finished, you can either rest the UI to repeat the operation or generate a "Send Report" containing all failed to send mails.
An Mass-Email Processor