Analyzing Customer Reviews using Sentiment Analysis with Azure Language Studio

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of using natural language processing, text analysis, and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information from textual data. It involves analyzing the emotions, opinions, attitudes, and feelings expressed in the text and determining whether the overall sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral.

There are various approaches to sentiment analysis, including rule-based systems, machine learning algorithms, and hybrid methods. These methods use techniques such as text pre-processing, feature extraction, and classification to analyze the sentiment of textual data.

Steps to create and analyze sentiment analysis for customer reviews

  • Log in to the Azure portal (
  • Search Language in the search bar.
  • First, provide an Azure subscription.
  • Create a new resource group.
  • Choose the Azure region and provide a Name
  • And then choose the pricing tier.
  • Finally, click the Review + Create button.
  • You will get a popup message stating that Validation passed.
  • Then you click create button.
  • The deployment started initialized in a minute or two it will become successful.
    Sentiment Analysis
    Sentiment Analysis
    Sentiment Analysis

Click the Goto resource button.

And then click Classify Text Tab.

Sentiment Analysis

Click Analyze sentiment and mine opinions and then click Try it out.

You have to select text language and select your Azure resource.

In the text area, provide some sample customer reviews to analyze sentiments.

Sentiment Analysis

In the text area, the users can choose predefined samples, or they upload their data samples.

Sentiment Analysis

Click the check box button and click the Run button.

In this data sample, the users can notice that Sentence 1 is a mix off positive sentiment and neutral sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentence 2 is fully based on negative sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentence 3 is fully based on positive sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

Usage of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is often used in marketing, customer service, and politics to analyze social media posts, reviews, and feedback. It helps organizations understand how their products or services are perceived by customers and can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement.


In this article, we successfully created and analyzed customer reviews for Sentiment Analysis using Azure Language Studio. Overall, sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to understand customer feedback and improve their products and services.

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