Assets In Unity For Rapid Game Development


In this article I am going to show how to download and use pre-built assets for rapid game development. 

What is an Asset?

An asset is representation of any item that can be used in your game or project. An asset may come from a file created outside of Unity, such as a 3D model, an audio file, an image, or any of the other types of file that Unity supports (as said on the Internet). 

Why  is the asset used in game development?

The asset may be represented as the building blocks of the all unity projects we create in the unity engine. The textures are in the form of images files, then the 3D models for meshes and for the effects we use the sound files. The unity engine refers to the files we will use to create our game as assets.

Thus unity also supports the pre-built assets for the rapid game development unless we don’t waste time in creating the 3D models for our game. Then unity gives the pre-built asset to be downloaded for free to paid.


Unity Engine(New Version 5.3.4 available !!! ) with internet connection.

Follow the Steps

Open Unity Engine and create the new project

Choose your project or create the new projects and click the "create Project"

Click the Asset store and it shows the various pre-built assets for the Game development.

Just search the categories by pressing the category button in the tab.

Then from the list choose the category and download the required asset package and import it into the project.

Choose the asset as your wish.The assets are available from free to paid and we can easily search the required asset in the required price and check the asset updates regularly.The toggle download allows us to maintain the packages we downloaded and other details in it.

Then this window pops up and shows us how to import. Press the "import" button to import the asset into the project.

And the asset is added into our project Asset Tab. Double click the folder

This folder consists of the objects we wanted for our game.

Inside the M18smoke consists of various folders; it contains the FBX model which is the 3D model object that we downloaded. Just drag and drop the weapons, characters, environments and the other FBX models into our scene easily for the game development like this weapon asset.

By this you can easily create the game and reduce the time you work to create the 3D models.


In this demonstration, I showed how to import and use the pre-built models into the game without wasting our time in creating the 3D objects.

For the external asset download, we can download it from the Asset Store

This asset is used for rapid game development and it allows us to create the game better and faster. By this demonstration you can create the various models easily by dragging and dropping and not wasting time in creating the 3D objects.