Attaching A New Data Disk In Virtual Machine

To attach a new data disk, we need a running virtual machine. Now, we can add a new data disk to it.


An active Azure subscription.

An active running virtual machine. If you don’t have running virtual machine, create it and you can attach a new data disk, using this article.

Creating a virtual machine and adding a new data disk to virtual machine

Step 1

Login to your Azure portal

Step 2

Click New->compute->Windows Server 2016 DataCentre.


Step 3

After selecting Windows DataCentre 2016, the screen given below will appear and select create.


Step 4

By clicking create button, we can see the basics to create a virtual machine such as machine name, user name and password. I have named my VM as Vmpro and user name as Vstyles and password with it. Select OK button.


Step 5

Select the size of virtual machine and select button. Afterwards in settings, click OK.

Step 6

After seeing the validation, pass the message, which is given below. Click OK.


Step 7

Wait for the creation of virtual machine and receiving a deployment message. Click Connect.


Step 8

An .rdp file along with your created virtual machine will be downloaded.


Step 9

Open .rdp file and the screen message given below will be shown, as it tries to connect to virtual machine.


Step 10

Enter your user name with password for signing in.


Step 11

The virtual machine has been successfully created.


Step 12

Select the virtual machine from the resource listed on the dashboard.

Step 13

In the left pane under Settings, click Disks.

Step 14

Select storage disks along with parallel click. Select button in containers, as shown.


Step 15

With the corresponding screen given below, attach an unmanaged disk, the source type will be an empty disk. The storage container will have to be browsed-> select OK.


Step 16

The attachment of the disk will be updated in your virtual machine and you can view if updating the message is successful.


Step 17

Switch to your virtual machine(Windows 2016 datacentre). Click Start->Server Manager.


Step 18

Click Files and Storage Services in dashboard of Server Manager.


Step 19

The Disks section lists the disks. A virtual machine has disk 0, disk 1 and disk 2. Disk 0 is the operating system disk, disk 1 is the temp disk, and disk 2 is the new data disk attached to the virtual machine. New data disk lists the partition.

Step 20 

Right-click the disk and select Initialize.


Step 21

You're notified that all data will be erased when the disk is initialized. Click Yes to acknowledge the warning. Once complete, the partition will be listed as GPT. Right-click the disk again and select new volume.


Step 22

Complete the wizard, using the default values. The wizard Window is default in formatting as usual, the Volumes section lists the new volume. After formatting the disk, it is now online and ready to store the data.




I hope, this article will useful for the attachment of a virtual data disk in a virtual machine .Thank you.