Attach Installed SSL Certificate To The Website Which is Hosted On IIS On Windows Server

We have an SSL certificate that was already installed on IIS. In this article, we are going to attach that SSL certificate to the website on IIS.


We have uploaded a website to IIS and we also installed a certificate on IIS so that we need to attach that certificate to the website.


  • Virtual Server Machine (In my case Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard)
  • IIS (I have used IIS Version: 8.5)
  • Installed SSL certificate


We need to attach the SSL certificate to the website which was hosted on IIS.


Please follow these steps to attach the certificate to the website.

  1. Go to IIS Manager as explained in this article.
  2. Expand hierarchy, and select website as in Screen 1, and click on Bindings at the right-side panel.

    Screen 1 

  3. After clicking on Bindings, it will open the Site Bindings window as in Screen 2. Now, click on the Add button; it will open the Add site bindings window as in Screen 2.

    Screen 2

  4. Select Type as HTTPS, IP address, Port 443, Host name, and select SSL certificate, and click on OK as in Screen 3.

    Screen 3

  5. After clicking on OK, it will be added in the site bindings as in Screen 4.

    Screen 4

  6. After finishing these steps, we can put the URL on the browser with


Now, we have attached the SSL certificate to the website on IIS and we can access the website with HTTPS protocol that brings security to it.