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What are App Service Extensions?

App Service supports web app extensions as an extensibility point for administrative actions. In fact, some App Service platform features are implemented as pre-installed extensions. While the pre-installed platform extensions cannot be modified, you can create and Web Server Logs.

Let's see how to view them, using one of the extensions, named “Azure Web Site Log Browser”.

Navigate to essentials tab of the app Service Web App and click on “Tools”, as shown below:


Clicking “Tools” icon in the step, shown above, will take you to the “Tools” blade, as shown below:


Now, click “Extensions” as shown in the screenshot, shown above, to navigate to the following list of available extensions, which are already installed.

Click “Add” button to add the new extension.

As shown below, click “Choose extension” in the “Add extension” blade and select “Azure Web Site Logs Browser” in the “Choose Extension” blade, as shown below:

Add extension

You will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions, as shown below:

Add extension

Click “OK” in both the above blades to install the Web extension.


After a few seconds, the extension gets installed and will be displayed, as shown below:


Now, click on the “Azure Web Site Logs Browser” extension to navigate to the extension blade, as shown below:


It provides all the details about the extension along with the owner details.

Now, click the “Browse” button, shown in the screenshot above to actually view the log data, as shown below: 


Click “HTTP Logs”, as shown above. You will be listed with all the LOG files. Currently, we have only one file and it is displayed, as shown below:


Click the LOG file now, which will display the content of it.


Above is a screenshot of how the content of the log file are displayed along with a “Search” box. Try to search for a given word to highlight the same, as shown below:

That’s it. You have learned how to view Web Server logs by enabling Log Browser Extension.

Hope, you enjoyed reading the article. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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