Azure DevTest Lab: Administration - DevTest Lab User Restrictions

In our previous articles (listed below), we learned, how to create a DevTest lab and also configure policies in the DevTest lab to reduce the waste and cost.

In this article, we will discuss the restrictions of the DevTest lab user.

Log into the Azure management portal as a DevTest lab user.


Access to Resource Group

Click the “DotnetDevTestLab” lab and you will be navigated to the “Essentials” blade of the lab, as shown below.


Now, click “Resource Group”, with which the DevTestLab is associated. You will see the following error message.

Resource Group

It’s obvious that the resource group is created by the owner of the lab and other normal users cannot have access to the resource groups.

Access to create virtual machines outside the lab

As a DevTest lab user, you can create virtual machines, based on the “virtual machines per user” and “virtual machines per lab” within the DevTest lab.

However, you cannot create a virtual machine outside the lab. Let’s check it practically by creating a virtual machine outside the lab, as shown below:

Click the virtual machine in the left hand side menu, as shown below:


As shown below, you will see all the VMs that you have created within the lab.


Now, let’s try to add a VM by clicking on the “Add” button, as shown in the above step.


Select “Windows Server” image as shown above and then select “Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1” and click create in the step, given below:

Windows Server

Provide the basic details as shown below:


Please note that I selected the existing resource group that the DevTest lab user has created in our previous article,

Click “OK” on the “Basics” step.

In the “Choose a Size” step, choose the size of your interest, as shown below:

Choose a Size

Click “Select” button to go to “Settings” step, as shown below:


Now, in the “Settings” tab, leave all default values and click “OK” button,as  in the step shown above.

Now, you will see the error.


Though, we are selecting the same resource group that this DevTest lab user has created, we still don’t have permissions to create anything outside the lab.