Azure DevTest Lab: Review Policies As DevTest Lab Users - Developers Or Testers

In our previous articles (listed below), we have learned how to create a DevTest Lab and also configured policies in the DevTest Lab to reduce waste and cost.

In this article, we will learn how a developer or a tester can Opt-Out and Opt-in from the DevTest Lab global policies Auto Shut Down and Restart.

Just to refresh our minds, let’s see what Policies that the DotnetDevTest Lab owner has configured below.

Allowed virtual machine sizes

Auto-shutdown policy

Virtual Machines per User

Virtual Machines per Lab


Let’s login with the new DevTest Lab User credentials to the Azure Management portal as shown below. We can see the lab named “DotnetDevTest” lab to which the user has been assigned as a “DevTestLabs User

Click on the Lab and you will be navigated to the Lab’s Dashboard page (Essentials blade) as shown below.


As a DevTest Labs user, you will ONLY be able to view the Virtual Machines that you have created. This applies to even the DevTest Labs owner. Even Owner cannot view the Virtual Machines that other DevTest Labs users have created.

Let’s go ahead and create a Virtual Machine by clicking on the “Virtual Machine”.

(We have already discussed how to create the Virtual Machine in one of our previous articles “Azure DevTest Labs - Add Windows Virtual Machine Along With Visual Studio "15"”.

Select the size of the Virtual Machine that you would like to create.

Important Note

“DevTest Labs user” can only select Standard_A0 and Standard_A1 VM Sizes as the Owner has restricted to only create these sizes in the lab.

After a few minutes, the Virtual Machine will get created.

Now, let’s again try to create another Virtual Machine. You will get an error as shown below.

Below is the screen capture of the Essentials blade when logged in as a DevTest Labs User. You can see that the Virtual Machine that we just created is only shown and the “Auto-shutdown” policy is applied automatically. However, the “Auto-Start” policy is not opted-in automatically.

Let’s go-ahead and Opt-Out from the “Auto-Shutdown” policy by clicking on the VM “VMByDeveloper” and choose “Auto-Shutdown” as shown below.

Uncheck the “Auto-shutdown” checkbox and that’s it. You have now opted-out from the Auto-Shutdown policy.

Now, To Opt-in for Auto-Start, click on the “Auto-Start” checkbox to Opt-in to the policy.

Important Note

As a DevTest Labs User you cannot set a policy for your Virtual Machines separately (from the global policy) as of now. If you go to Auto-shutdown & Auto-Start policies, you will see the complete UI getting disabled.

You can go ahead and review the other policies. You can just view them in disabled mode and you cannot make any changes to them.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Your feedback is highly appreciated!