Azure File Storage Add Directory And Upload Files

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In this series of articles, we will learn how to create an Azure File Share, store some directories / folders, and store a few files in those directories, as shown below.


Let’s create directories and files within those directories.

Navigate to the File Share listing blade as explained in my previous article Azure Storage – File Share – Introduction.


Click on the "File share" in which you would like to create the directory and upload the files.

Create Directory

After navigating to the "File share" details blade, click on the "Add Directory"  button, as shown in the below screen.


You will be taken to the "New Directory" blade.


Please provide a meaningful name to the "Name" field and click on "Create" button in the above step.

For the sake of this article, I created the following two directories, as shown below.


Upload a File to an existing Directory

Navigate to the directory to which you would like to add files and then click on the "Upload" button, as shown below.


Clicking on the "Upload" button, you will be taken to the following "Upload files"  blade.


You can use the "Folder" icon (highlighted in the above screen capture). You can choose multiple files at once and click on Upload button to asynchronously upload the selected files. In the above example, I selected two files to upload to Directory1. Below is the screen capture of the Directory1 listing.


In the same way, I uploaded two other files to Directory 2, as shown below.



We have learned the following.

  • How to create a Directory in a File Share
  • How to create a File in a Directory.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Your feedback is appreciated.

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