Azure Functions For .NET 7 Preview - Visual Studio 2022 Preview

On August 9, the world learned that the next version of the Visual Studio is called version 17.3.0. In this new version, the tools for MAUI have been included. Additionally to this release, and for us the early adopters it was also released the new preview version for the Visual Sudio. You can find the release notes here.

A while ago the Program Manager for Azure Functions Mélony Qin (@MelonyQ) announced the availability of the Azure Functions Core tools with support to create function with .NET 7. This was only to work at the console level. Today, we can already play in Visual Studio Preview 17.4 for this purpose.

Visual Studio template for Azure Function with .NET 7 preview

We'll start creating a new project as usual.

Later, select the Azure Functions template.

We select the name of our solution and project, as well as the folder.

The next step is where we select the .NET 7.0 Isolated version.

Select the type of trigger function we want, as well as your specific configuration.

With this final step, we end with a project for Azure Functions in version .NET 7.

Azure Cloud, ready to run Azure Function with .NET 7

Another of the surprises was that when we deploy these Azure Functions to Azure, they are already supported. Although, in the configuration of the resource the option for .NET 7 is still not shown.

If we use the publish functionality from our Visual Studio, we will verify the functionality can be executed.

And our resource in Azure.


Ii is positive to see that the Azure Function team is taking the right path to accomplish their promise about having the next version the first day the .NET 7 official version is release in November.

There are still functionalities missing for the Isolated executed mode, like support for the Durable Functions. However, this is a good starting point.

If you are new to Azure functions and want to learn more about them, check out the article What is Azure Functions. 

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