Azure Portal New Preview Of App Service Domain

Azure team continues working on the improvement of their website, and keeps adding more user-friendly and easy options for users. In this series, now they have launched a new preview of App Service domain. The main purpose of this service is to allow the Azure users to create and use their custom domain names for their production ready web apps. It will help the users to manage all of their domains that are hosted at Azure, Virtual Machine, and Traffic Managers.

Below is one of the previews of Azure App Service domain.


Simplified domain management

App Service domains are currently limited to the following- TLDs, com, net,, and org, nl, in, biz,, and Azure Service domain provides the lifecycle of creating and managing a domain in Azure DNS. Then, Azure DNS provides reliable performance and secure options for hosting your domains.

Benefits of using App Service Domain

  • It has the capabilities of auto-renewal.
  • Within the 5 days of starting, it has a free cancelation scheme.
  • Sub domain management and assignment is available
  • It has a better security, performance, and reliability
  • For free users, it has also included “privacy protection” except for TLDs whose registry does not support privacy, such as -,, etc.
  • You can manage your domain's lifecycle.
App Service domains (preview) are top-level domains that are managed directly in Azure. If you want to know more about how to buy a custom domain name for Azure Web Apps, please follow this URL.