Azure PowerShell Commands For Web App

In this article we will go step by step to Create, Remove, Name Reserved (or not) and run the Web App using Azure PowerShell on Microsoft Azure.


You will learn
  • About PowerShell Tool
  • How to Create Web App using PowerShell
  • How to Remove Web App using PowerShell
  • Check Web App Name reserved or not
  • Run Web App using PowerShell command
Step 1: Install PowerShell on System.

Step 2: After installation, Open search box and search for Windows PowerShell,

There are two type of Windows PowerShell available:
  • Windows PowerShell – Command Line
  • Windows PowerShell – Execute the PowerShell script such as .ps file. GUI version of Windows PowerShell.
Windows PowerShell ISE version

Step 3:
Add Azure Subscription with PowerShell,


Enter your Azure Subscription credentials.

Few more commands for Azure account details.


List all the associate Azure Subscription with Id, Type, Subscriptions and Tenants,


List all the associate Azure Subscriptions with all details such as SubscriptionId, SubscriptionName, Account, etc.

If there is only one subscription associate no problem but if more than one Azure account is there we need to set default azure accounts for all operations.

Select-AzureSubscription –SubscriptionId “paste-subscription-id-here”

Check for default subscription

Get-AzureSubscription -Default

Step 4: Create New Web App

New-AzureWebsite PowerShellWebApp01

There is one problem; by default web app will create in “Southeast Asia” so we need to add location command when we are creating the web app.

Classic Portal

Azure Portal

Step 5:

New-AzureWebsite PowerShellWebApp01 -Location “West US”

Remove Web App

Remove-AzureWebsite -Name WebAppName

Ex. Remove-AzureWebsite -Name PowerShellWebApp01

Check for Web Apps Name available or not run below command

Test-AzureName -Website PowerShellWebApp01

True means this name is already used

False means this name is available for creating new web apps

Open web app on browser

Show-AzureWebsite WebAppNameOnly

Ex. Show-AzureWebsite PowerShellWebApp01

Congratulations you have learned PowerShell command with Web App on Azure!
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