Azure Synapse Analytics - Create Dedicated SQL Pool

In this article, we’ll learn in a step-by-step process to create a dedicated SQL Pool in the Azure Synapse Analytics.  The SQL pool is integral for any data warehousing work.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse is a limitless enterprise analytics service that enables us to get insight from data analytics and data warehousing. Using dedicated resources or serverless architecture, data can be queried and provides scalability as per the increase in the size of the data. You can learn more about it in the previous article, Azure Synapse Analytics.

SQL Pool

In order to create data warehouses, Dedicated SQL Pool is created in Azure Synapse Analytics. Formerly known as SQL DW, the SQL Pool is created with a set compute resources that are well defined.  And then in the Logical SQL server and Azure resource group, the database is then created. 

Here we’ll learn to create the SQL Pool that is fundamental to create the Data Warehouse.

Creating a Dedicated SQL Pool

Step 1

Log into the Azure Portal with your subscription.

Step 2

Click on Create a Resource 

Step 3

On the Search Bar, Type Dedicated SQL Pool 

Step 4

Choose the Dedicated SQL pool (Formerly SQL DW) 

Step 5

Now on the Dedicated SQL Pool Page, Click on Create. 

Step 6

Fill in the Details in Basics.


If in case you already don’t have a server setup, Click on Create new.

Fill in the Server name and Choose the Location. For now, you can simply use SQL authentication. Next, fill in your server admin login details and a secure password.

Once done, click on Ok.

Step 6

Now, as you fill the SQL Pool details with your SQL pool name and Set the Server, you also need to choose your performance level wisely as per your need.

Select the Performance level, you’ll be opted with a new Configuration option.

Now, you can scale your system as per your performance and storage scalability needs. Once set, click on Apply.

Step 7

Now, click on Additional Settings.

Make sure you choose the Sample under the Use existing data section, which will create a sample database AdventureWorksDW.

Next, click on Review + Create 

Step 8

Finally, Click on Create to initiate the deployment process.

The notification will pop on the screen.

Step 9

As the deployment is in progress, you can see the resources that will be created in time.

You can also click on the Operation Details to check about the operation which contains data from Operation Id, Timestamp, Duration, and many more.

Step 10

Once the deployment is complete, you will be provided with Go to Resource link.

Here you can check about the resource ojash-pool that was created. The server's name, connection strings, performance levels are all detailed here. Moreover, you can also check out the metrics visualization of the DWU usage that we just created.


Thus, we learned about the process to create a dedicated SQL Pool.  This is the first step to data warehousing. In the following article, we’ll dive deeper into Azure Synapse Analytics, learn to create more resources and explore numerous tasks we can achieve with it.

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