Best Resources To Kick Start Angular 2

Angular 2 is a hot topic nowadays, and it is the best framework which is not only used for web applications but is useful to create mobile apps as well. It was not possible previously, in Angular 1.

The new feature of Angular 2, modular, made it possible to create all functionality in modules, which is a fast approach. It also reduces the browser compatibility which, previously, was a main issue.

Angular 2 uses the Microsoft language Typescript that has introduced the enhancements like classes, the object-oriented approach, Static Typing, Lambdas and Generics. Improved dependency injection which now only names the dependency to be used. Other extended features include Dynamic Loading, Asynchronous Template Compilation, Simpler Routes, and Controllers. Scope is now replaced by Components (combination of controller with template) and directives.

In this article, I will share some of the useful resources to kick start with Angular 2. is the official website dedicated to Angular 2. The main tag line of Angular 2 is - One framework. Mobile and Desktop. This website contains very useful resources and samples of Angular 2. It also contains the features, rich documentation with syntax to start, news, and events.

Website also features the resources like Books, Training Material, Tools and Libraries, Community to discuss and share the experience and lots more to explore the new world of Angular 2.

Angular is an eLearning website with a number of web development courses in their line of free and pro forms. At the time, this is the only web-tutorials website that seems to cover the Angular 2 course. The screen-cast for Angular 2 video tutorials contains 20 free as well as some premium screen-casts.

These high-quality tutorials cover the fundamentals of Angular 2, successfully.

Angular is another website for learning Angular 2, built by the Ionic Team. The tutorials cover the basics of  Angular 2, ES 6 and Typescript. The main objective of the team is to teach the basics of Angular 2, like components, inputs, outputs, life-cycle, templates, events, forms and View child etc.

ES6/Typescript coves topics like Introduction, Variables, Classes, Template Strings, Arrow Functions and Promises.

Angular is another tutorial from the Ionic team. But, this tutorial is to provide the detail of all the related course lines to start with Angular 2. The best thing in this tutorial website is the try this feature which links with the plunkr to test the feature or certain piece of code.

The covered course items are Introduction, Architecture, Annotations, Setup, Hello World sample, Directives, Components, Template Syntax, Data Binding, Forms, Form builder, Router, HTTP, Service, Events, PIPES and SASS.

Also, there are samples of the codes like Angular 2 Autocomplete, Accordion, Button, Carousel, Collapse, DatePicker, Dropdown, Pagination, Progress bar, Rating Stars, Tooltip and Tabs.

It’s the best and simple tutorial to kick start and create the applications.

Angular is another useful site. It is neither a tutorial website nor a course website for Angular 2 but it is different in terms of providing the resources in the form of articles, tutorials and video links to other website or samples. It also contains the recommended books featured from Amazon for this hot topic.

There are placeholders also for Featured Article and Repository.

Angular aims to deliver the expert level training on Angular 2. So, after reading this, the readers feel like experts. The in-depth, complete, and up-to-date books on Angular 2 help the readers in becoming the expert. It gives an idea of how to stop wasting your time for incomplete and confusing tutorials available online.

The authors have used many phrases to outline their best work, like some are quoted here for reference. "Many tutorials show you the trees but not the forest". "Some teach the basics but why is there nothing that shows how to fit all the pieces together?".

The introduction page contains the detailed table of content, graphs to show what’s new in Angular 2, sample codes and what will you learn after reading the book.

The book comes up with source code in PDF and multiple other forms for just $39. Book, source code, videos, and sample app are available in $79. And, last but not the least,  the team license can be subscribed to for just $399.


Awesome Angular2 - Like its name, it’s also amazing. Here, I am not talking about Angular 2 which is obviously an amazing framework, but this resource on GitHub. It is amazing by its fabulous work of gathering all the resources to completely learn, discuss, collaborate, and create outstanding apps.

It’s like an ecosystem and it has all the resources to be called an ecosystem as it has books, videos, modules, components, examples, tutorials, seed repos, starters, boiler-plates and other things required to build the Angular 2 ecosystem.

The best thing is that you don’t need to search on Google or any other search engines to learn and start. It provides you with all the topics and links to the resources available on community sharing websites.

Their extensive table of content provides you with the options to check and help figure out your area of understanding from basic starter to expert level.

Are you feeling crazy? OK guys! I'll show you what is included in TOC. They have started with official resources followed by Community which includes links to community and social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Gitter, Stack Overflow and other links. Then, they have mentioned theTwitter accounts of Angular team, Angular experts on Twitter, Google developer experts, Angular 2 cheat-sheet, features, testing, web pack, series of videos, tutorials, books, onsite training, and much more for you to check.


angularclass team is a JavaScript expert team that offers set of courses to master your level up and create rich web applications. It has several paid courses as well as free fundamental courses to check and start with your pace to become expert in Angular 2.

They not only provide courses but also have many services for organizations, like corporate training, courses, code reviews, workshops, build you web app and mobile app service etc.

They also have open source projects to share and collaborate, available in their intro page.

Angular is a multi-purpose website containing courses as well as tutorials. There are number of useful tutorials and courses on Angular 2. I have referenced a tag link for Angular.

The best thing about this website is that they have implemented Angular 2 with a number of third party tools . Also, the website contains bar talk which has new and upcoming technologies enlisted, news and events and lot of exciting things.


Angular University contains a huge list of courses from beginner to advanced level of audience. Most of the lessons are concise and well adapted. Their time is approximately 5 minutes.

They have a list of courses with some lessons for free but mostly are premium. With each lesson, there is the source code associated  and placed in GitHub repository. The monthly pricing for individual developers is $ 9.99 and yearly package is $99. Price for teams and companies start from $ 10/month/dev to $ 100 /year/dev. All of the packages have full access to the present as well as future video lessons along with instructor support.


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