Build Travel Agent Application Using LUIS API In Microsoft Cognitive Services - Part One


This article will help you build a travel agent app in Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) to book flight tickets and get the weather report of a location. I have made this article into two splits in order to make the readers understand about creating the intents and entities clearly and then to jump on bing entities and seeding the system with labels, etc.

Pre – requisites

  1. An updated Google Chrome or Internet Explorer Web Browser.
  2. Microsoft Account (Outlook/Hotmail).

Note - Go through the below link to get some knowledge about Microsoft Bot Framework,

Follow the below steps now,

Step 1 - Login to LUIS API web page from your web browser –

Step 2 - Click on New App - New Application.

Step 3 - Enter the Application name as “TravelAgent” and Select Application Scenario as “Bot”, Application Domain(s) as “Booking & Reference”, Application Culture as “English” followed by “Add App” button.

Step 4 - Click on the “+” button near Intents and add Intent over here.

(Surf my previous articles to understand what is intent and utterance)

Enter the Intent name and an example of a command that triggers this intent followed by Save button.

Step 5 - Click on “Submit” over here.

Now your utterance will be added successfully.

Here at the left corner you can find the intent has been added.

Step 6 - Next let's work on adding the hierarchical and child entities,

Click on the “+” button near Entities.

Add new entity name as “Location”

Now, click on the check box of Include Children - Hierarchical - Entity Children “+” button ToLocation as one children entity and FromLocation as second children entity followed by a click on Save button.

Follow my next article which will be a continuation of this one where we will be working with Bing entities and labeling, etc.

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