Car Rental Web Portal


This web portal is designed for rent-a-car services provider where the user can visit and book their required vehicle online and select their vehicle, duration, with driver option etc. A complete list of vehicles with detailed description along with the images is available for users. User can easily pay online or at user location, but the user needs to make an account so that he/she can check his/her records and current status.

This system include a complete content management system so that the client can easily add, update, or delete any vehicle, check payment details, check users detail etc. Payment gateway is also integrated for online transaction.


This web portal will increase clients because customers who live far from showroom can also approach and vehicle can be delivered at his/her doorstep.


A comprehensive web portal for rental car services where the user can become a member and book any car for a rental and can pay through credit/Debit card and also all descriptions of vehicles should be available along with the rental rates and terms and conditions.

System Overview

This system comprises 3 types of users and 2 modules which are listed below:

System Users

  • Admin
  • Staff
  • Member/Customer


  • Registration and booking
  • Billing and Payment

Logical Design

Logical Design

Physical design

Fields Data Types
Rent_ID (PK)Auto
Vehicle_ID (FK)Auto

Fields Data Types
Rent_ID (PK) Auto
Vehicle_ID (FK) Auto
Rent_Per_Day Double
Rent_Per_Week Double
Rent_Per_Month Double
Rent_Per_Year Double

Fields Data Types
Member_ID (PK) Auto
Member_Name Varchar(50)
Member_Address Varchar(50)
Member_Contact_1 Varchar(20)
Member_Contact_2 Varchar(20)

Fields Data Types
PaymentID(PK) Auto
Booking ID(FK) Auto
DateTime_Of_Handover DateTime
Advance Double
Remaining Double
Total Double
Status Varchar(10)

Fields Data Types
Booking_ID (PK) Auto
Member_ID(FK) Auto
Rent_ID (FK) Auto
Driver_ID (FK)Auto
Booking_Date Auto
Vehicle_ID (PK) DateTime
Booking_Per VarChar(10)
Rent_Rate Double
Date_Time_Of_Handover DateTime
Date_Time_of_return DateTime
Meter_Reading Varchar(50)
Fuel_Reading Varchar(50)

Fields Data Types
Driver_ID (PK) Auto
Driver_Name Varchar(50)
Driver_Address Varchar(50)
Driver_Contact_1 Varchar(20)
Driver_Contact_2 Varchar(20)
Driver_NIC Varchar(20)
Driver_Timings DateTime

Use Cases

Use Cases



Context Diagram

Context Diagram

Data Flow diagram


Data Flow diagram

User services

  • User can create account
  • user can book vehicle online
  • user can track his current rent status
  • user can check his previous records
  • user can pay online
  • user can send feedback
  • Invoice generated for user which can be printed

Client Services

  • Client can check all members record
  • Client can manage orders
  • Client can check add, update and delete members
  • Client can add, update and delete vehicles and its description
  • Separate login area for admin and other employees
  • Invoice generated for client which can be printed