Centralized Management for Global Scale Networks using Azure Network Manager

In our previous article, we learned how to deploy the Azure Virtual Network Manager, and in this article, we will learn how to manage our virtual networks using the Virtual Network Manager.

In this scenario, we have 3 Virtual Networks (Hub Virtual Network and Spoke Virtual Networks) and 1 Virtual Network Gateway.

Network Manager

Step 1. Open the Network Manager, click Network Groups under the settings, and click + Create.

Note: The network group is a collection of the same type of network resources that you can associate with network manager configurations.

Network Groups

Step 2. Enter the name for the Network group and click Create.

Create a Network Group

Step 3. Once we created the Network group, go to Network Groups and select the Network group that we have created.

Network Groups

We can add our virtual networks manually or dynamically using the policy.

add virtual networks manually or dynamically

Step 4. In this article, we will select the Manually add members option and click Add Virtual Networks.

Add Virtual Networks

Step 5. There are several virtual networks under the subscription so that we can select our spoke virtual networks for our demo purposes.

Manually add members

Step 6. Once we added our selected networks, click Group members to check the networks.

Group Members

Step 7. Now, we need to configure the Hub and Spoke model; go to Configurations under Settings, click + Create, and select Connectivity Configuration.

Connectivity Configuration

Step 8. Enter the name for the connectivity configuration and click Next: Topology.

Create a Connectivity Configuration

Step 9. Select the Hub and Spoke option on the Topology section and click Select a hub.

Create a Connectivity Configuration

Select 10. Select the Hub Virtual Network and click Select.

Select a hub

Select 11. Click + Add under the Spoke network group and click Add network groups.

Spoke network groups

Select 12. Select the Network group and click Select.

Add network groups

Step 13. Select Direct Connectivity and Name and click Create.

Spoke network groups

Step 14. Go to the Deployments under the settings, click Deploy Configurations, and click Connectivity configuration.

Deploy configuration

Step 15. Select the Connectivity configurations (HubandSpoke), then select the target regions for West Europe and East US.

We have hosted our Hub Network in the East US and the Spoke network in West Europe.

Deploy a configuration

Step 16. Click Deploy to finish the configuration.


We have successfully configured the Network Manager. In our next article, we will learn how to test our connectivity using this Hub and Spoke model.

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