Change Font Size in Windows 11

Recently, I upgraded my laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and I do not like the default font size used in Windows 11 including the font size of Windows Explorer. The default font looks thin and difficult to read on my high res laptop screen (4K). I changed the font size a little and now text in Windows Explorer looks much more readable and clear. 

In this step by step tutorial, learn how to change the default font size in Windows 11. If you want to change and increase the font size and make it look bolder, follow these steps. This will change the default font of Windows 11 everywhere.

1. Go to Taskbar settings by right click on your task bar and select Taskbar settings or use Windows key.

Windows 11 Taskbar settings

2. Select Accessibility in the left side menu items.
Windows 11 Accessibility

3. Click on the Font Size option on the right side.

Windows 11 Text Size.jpg 

4. Increase font size by using the mouse or touch screen to your desired font size and adjust as needed. Try increasing 120% and see how it looks. For me, that was perfect.

Windows 11 Font Size

5. Click Apply button when you like what you see. 

That’s all. Now go ahead and start using Windows 11.

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