ChatGpt-4o on Mobile Gets Many Paid Subscriptions (May 2024)


Many people are paying for ChatGpt-4o Plus subscriptions on mobile phones resulting in application revenue of less than a million $ per day. Voice input in natural language seems to be the key.

AI App ChatGpt-4o Is A Huge Success With Mobile Phone Users

Although ChatGpt-4o initially, when installed comes as a freeware, the application is hugely popular with mobile phone users who are buying subscriptions of $20 per month to get faster access with more bandwidth/options.
Based on [2], daily revenue from the app in May was around $900,000, and that accounts for OpenAI first paying Google and Apple for using their app stores.
This is proof that AI applications are of interest to ordinary users.

Voice Input Is Key To Success

What is fundamentally different and new in this version of ChatGpt is the ability to communicate in natural language via voice with AI-Cloud service. App is fluent in 50 languages so it attracts users from all over the world.
It seems many ordinary users are repelled from the usage of AI services if they need to type a lot.

ChatGPT Desktop App Is Available For Mac, But Not For Windows Yet

Based on [4], the ChatGPT desktop app is available for Mac for “ChatGpt Plus” subscribers. Desktop apps for Windows users will be available later this year.


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